Sunday, April 29, 2012

Caixin Media Interview 財新媒體專訪

Here's the link to the interview text titled "潘慧娴:香港被地产商操控背离市场经济":-

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Anonymous said...

This is an invitation of lunch / afternoon tea interview about the topic of Small House Policy and Developer Hegemony in Hong Kong.

I am a Master student in University College London, and I am working on a research about the Small House Policy and Developer Hegemony in Hong Kong. The topic will be more concerning how the Small House Policy provide space for developer hegemony. Since the topic is surrounded by planning issues and also history of HK and you have been working in the industry and wrote the most signature book, it would be my honour to have your opinion or view regarding the topic.

I will be in Hong Kong within next month to collect information s and also interview different parties, I hope you could have time or may be just a lunch break to talk about you opinions and views. It is not a formal one, and I will only ask you question according to the topics which you are welcome to read before the interview. And you could choose whenever and wherever you are comfortable.

If you are able to do it and have spare time for me, please kindly email me with your available time slot by mid of July.(

Looking forward to meeting you, thank you for your time.