Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Her Grace's Library's Review of The Heavenly Sword


"I enjoyed this, as I did Poon’s earlier books. She does a terrific job of blending fantasy, mythology, and real history all together to make a credible story. I would almost categorize this book magical realism rather than fantasy simply because the elements of magic are so closely woven into the factual parts of the story. They just…belong. Of course Sai’er has a sprite friend. Of course she is an immortal sent to earth. It could be no other way. There isn’t any suspension of disbelief while reading this, it’s just the way things are in Sai’er’s life. So that is particularly well done on the author’s part."
"I think for someone like me, whose experience with wuxia/kung fu extends to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and a handful of Jackie Chan films, this is a very good introduction to the genre. Poon talks about her lifelong love of wuxia (Chinese martial arts/kung fu novels), and references Jin Yong. I had never heard of him before so now I am tempted to read some of his works. Apparently, he’s big in the genre… I never would have learned about him had I not read this book. I always appreciate a book that teaches me something!"

"I don’t think this necessarily has to be an adult novel, either. Yes, there’s some sex and gore, but I don’t think it was gratuitous or anything inappropriate for a teen to read."

Saturday, March 4, 2023

The Quill to Live Review of The Heavenly Sword

So happy to find this snug review of The Heavenly Sword!
"I got cozy with The Heavenly Sword by Alice Poon. It was so easy to sit down and read Sai’er’s adventures, it was like listening to an epic oral tale. I looked forward to opening up my book before bed each night to see where Poon would take me next. The story flowed so nicely and I couldn’t help but snuggle in and relax into Sai’er’s tale of love and justice."


Saturday, February 25, 2023

Main Character Portraits for The Heavenly Sword


Tang Sai'er (middle): 
The Chang'e Incarnate sent by the Deities to the mortal world to keep a tyrant in check, but things get complicated when she develops feelings for a slave from the tyrant's court.
Dong Yinho (left):
Witty adoptee of Zhang Sanfeng, the supreme grandmaster of the Wudang School of Martial Arts. He harbors a deep grudge for those responsible for his parents' tragic deaths, but tries to cover his grief with a jovial mask.
Tang Binhong (right):
The Sky Hawk Incarnate, a habitual frowner who's devoted to his foster sister Tang Sai'er. He's a gifted strategist who's more sentimental than he lets on.
In the novel, fate throws these three young people together on a  perilous journey in search of justice and love.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Author Panel Discussion - 2023 TBRCon - Wuxia & Xianxia

Yesterday (January 26, 2023) I had the honor and pleasure of participating in an enjoyable and thought-provoking panel discussion with several other brilliant authors in the Wuxia & Xianxia genre at the 2023 Virtual TBRCon. Huge thanks to the SFF Addicts Podcast for hosting the event!

I have posted the Youtube video of the entire panel discussion below. Please check it out if you're into diverse reading!

It looks like the highly cultural-specific Wuxia & Xianxia fiction genre is gaining traction in mainstream English publishing. I, for one, am super excited about the recent developments in this unique genre.

Moderator - Xueting C. Ni
Panelists - Wesley Chu, Nghi Vo, Amelie Wen Zhao, Tao Wong, Alice Poon