Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Gwendalyn's Books Review of Tales of Ming Courtesans

It is Day #6 to book release in the U.S., Canada and Asia, and I woke up to this electrifying review on Gwendalyn's Books Blog!

Please allow me to share the salient part of the review:

"This eloquent saga is steeped in real life historical people, living in the turbulent times in between the Ming, and the Qing dynasties, where social classes were defined and woman had little or no voice of their own.

Tales of Ming Courtesans is a richly textured, mesmerising and captivating story that is full of rich history and the most compelling and intriguing characters.....

I can see why this talented author is loved by so many. Poon’s appealing way of weaving fact and fiction, along with her absorbing seamless narration. This is a book that you will find yourself contemplating the lives and struggles of these memorable women, long after you close the book.

A meticulously researched book that captures the historical elements and traditions of the Chinese people. This is a masterpiece of a tale, that depicts the economics and the cultural mind set that was placed on woman during this era. The resilience and the quiet but powerful strength, that these ladies show within the book is nothing short of motivational.

The plot twist with betrayals and longing and much heartache. Poon knows how to transport the reader, with her richly descriptive atmospheric imagery. The lush and vibrant, historical world building is stunning. An emotional book that is quick paced from start to finish."

This review makes all my hard work worthwhile :)

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