Friday, January 17, 2014

My Debut Novel "Fated and Fateless"

Having spent part of 2009 writing the first few chapters of my first novel, I had to put the work aside in 2010 and 2011 as I found myself deeply engaged in activities related to the publication of the Chinese editions of my non-fiction title "Land and the Ruling Class in Hong Kong". In  early 2012 I picked up the writing where I left off and finished the first draft in the summer. The remainder of the year was spent in re-writing and polishing the work.

Throughout 2013 I patiently tried to approach, one after another, a select few U.K. publishers who are still receptive towards unsolicited manuscripts from unknown fiction writers, at about three- to four-month intervals. For reasons I cannot fully explain, I had opted not to try U.S. publishers at all. I guess I should count myself as lucky to have received two polite rejection letters from two well-known U.K. publishers, one of who indicated that although my novel is well written and is generally up to publication standard, it is not deemed a viable proposition financially in these particularly difficult times for fiction.

Then the Kindle Self-Publishing website caught my eyes late last year. I decided to give it a go.

Now the Kindle edition of "Fated and Fateless" is available for sale on all branches of Amazon.

Link to the Product Detail page.

Link to the Author Page.

Any feedback from readers of my blog would be most welcome. Better still, buy my book, read it and write a review on Amazon!


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