Saturday, November 1, 2008

A New Review by Hong Kong Blogs Review and Updated Archive Link

Sham Shui Po Boy at Hong Kong Blogs Review has just written a new review of my blog. Here is the link to the review:-

Here is an updated link to the Archive Page of my blog at Asia Sentinel:-

Below is a list of blogposts since the last update:-

- A Task Force to Save the Poor Rich (Hong Kong Current Events)
- HSBC's TV Commercial (World Current Events)
- Why Have China's Reforms Stalled? (China Current Events)
- Unlucky Shareholders (Capitalism)
- English Skills and A Culture of Apathy (Hong Kong Culture)
- Judicial Farce (China Current Events)
- Random Thoughts (Culture)
- Book Reviews - Two Books, One Message (China Current Events)
- Anatomy of Greed (Capitalism)

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