Thursday, June 17, 2021

Book Review - "These Violent Delights" by Chloe Gong

I enjoyed the plot but thought the writing was over-the-top flowery and pretentious, which really created a snag in the flow of the narrative. This was especially problematic in the first half of the novel.

I liked the sense of time and place that the novel evoked. The history element was also handled with a lot of respect to accuracy.

The romance part was alright except that it also included a lot of teenage theatrics. I couldn't feel any connection with Juliette because her personality was just not likeable. The character of Roma was a lot better by comparison.

As for the fantasy part, the "madness" stretched the imagination a bit, but since it's the fantasy genre, I couldn't complain.

All in all, it was a curate's egg. I'm giving it 3.4 stars, rounded down.


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