Sunday, April 12, 2020

My Translation of Du Mu's Poem "Spring in Jiangnan"

Tang poet Du Mu (803 – 852), one of my favorite poets, wrote the poem “Spring in Jiangnan” to celebrate the spring charm of Jiangnan (the most prosperous region with stunning landscapes located south of the Yangtze River in ancient China).

In celebration of the coming of spring and to provide a comforting distraction to my blog readers from the ongoing pandemic gloom, I’ve attempted a translation of this beautiful poem. Hope you’ll like it.

江南春 -  杜牧


My Translation:

Spring in Jiangnan by Du Mu

Birdsongs traverse miles of greens and pinks,
Lapped in rivers and hills, tavern banners wink;
Hordes of monasteries dating from the Southern Dynasties,
Countless pavilions, now washed in misty rain.

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