Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Latest Youtube Upload "Let It Be Me"

During the process of rediscovering my favorite English oldies (again thanks to the Radio HK Radio 5 music program that I mentioned in an earlier post for jogging my memory), I've found through more research on Youtube that a number of popular English oldies actually came from French originals. They include: "Autumn Leaves" ("Les Feuilles Mortes"), "I Will Follow Him" ("Chariot"), "My Way" ("Comme d'habitude"), "If You Go Away" ("Ne Me Quitte Pas"), "Yesterday When I Was Young" ("Hier Encore"), "All Over the World" ("Dans Le Monde Entier").

I've just uploaded to Youtube another popular song that also came from a French original: "Let It Be Me" ("Je t'appartiens"). Here's the video for sharing:-

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