Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Amateurish Music Videos

I've lately been filled with listlessness (which I blame on the medication to deal with my high blood pressure), but at the same time have a strong urge to engage myself in creative ways. So, while taking baby steps in learning to use Windows Movie Maker to create music videos out of some of my favorite songs, I started collecting some music MP3 files and nagging my cousins/friends to let me use scenery photos from their precious collections.

Now I would like to share the first three of my dilettante attempts:-

"You Don't Know Me" by Patti Page

"Misty" by Johnny Mathis

"Reality" by Richard Sanderson

Feedback on these videos and/or tips on improvement would be most welcome and appreciated. I'm dying to know how to overlay song lyrics on the moving photos - I tried Youtube's "Add captions" function, but the result is not satisfactory at all.

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