Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Updated Archive Link to the Alice Poon Blog

Here is an updated archive link to the Alice Poon Blog at Asia Sentinel:-


This is a list of blog posts since the last update:-

- When Excessive Force Is Not Excessive (China Current Events)
- On the Anti-Graft Front, Hong Kong Can Teach (China Current Events)
- A Song To Remember (Hong Kong Culture)
- Media Control In China Has Changed In Nature (China Current Events)
- June 4th Is A Matter of Conscience (Hong Kong Current Events)
- 70 MPH Becomes An Internet Catch Phrase (China Current Events)
- Is Bubble Reinflating the Right Way to Go? (China Current Events)
- A Proper Use of Obscenities (China Current Events)
- Can Civil Society Thrive In China? (Civic Rights)