Friday, October 23, 2020

French Blogger's Review of Tales of Ming Courtesans

I've always had a soft spot for the French language and literature. Discovering a French blogger's genuine appreciation of the three heroines of my new novel Tales of Ming Courtesans is nothing less than sheer ecstasy, because this represents a mutual love of each other's literary culture!

This is my translation of the last paragraph of the blogger's (Une Occidentale en Chine) review:

"I heartily recommend this book to you, which, despite all the harshness it describes, also shows us the beauty and the power of these women who kindled and inspired the greatest literary icons of the period."

"Je vous conseille réellement ce livre qui malgré toute la dureté qu’il comporte nous montre aussi la beauté et la force de ces femmes qui ont enflammées et inspirées les plus grands littérati de cette période."

Here's the link to the full review in French (you can click on the language of your choice on the right-hand side of the website):


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