Friday, June 26, 2015

"Fated and Fateless" Five-Day Free Promotion!

One of the Goodreads Groups (Books, Blogs, Authors & More Group) of which I'm a member is going through the polls to select a book in the Historical Fiction genre for their July Group Read, and "Fated and Fateless" is one of the contestants. If the book gets selected, I'm committed to providing free Kindle copies for all the voters who would then discuss and review the book on the Group's appropriate discussion thread. Regardless of what the poll result is, I've arranged for Amazon to put the Kindle e-book through a FIVE DAY FREE PROMOTION DEAL, STARTING JUNE 30, 2015 AND ENDING JULY 4, 2015.

For those readers of this Blog who are interested in reading the book, be sure to get a free copy at Amazon during the said 5-day period! I would of course be thrilled if you would leave a review on the Amazon site.

By the way, the Chinese historical epic that I've been working on is only a few thousand words from the finishing line! This is about the life of the first Empress Dowager of the Qing Dynasty who made an indelible mark on Chinese history (her positive influence impacted on the reigns of three Qing emperors including Kangxi Emperor), but who is relatively unknown in the English-speaking world. This epic novel is based on extensive research of both reference and literary works in Chinese and in English. Her dramatic life is fit for the movie screen!

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