Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A 5-Star Review on Amazon for "Fated and Fateless"

Here's the 5-star customer review on Amazon's site:-

"Alice has brought her first book to a lively fiction. It is an amazing transition from "the Land and the Ruling Class in Hong Kong"; incorporating some of the wealth imbalance and social economic ills to this intense compelling novel.
The book is beautifully written, so rich in details . . I felt I was in the middle of the story. . I could feel the emotion, see the streets of Hong Kong, taste the food, and smell the air. I found it hard to put the book down, it kept me reading long into the night.
The book told the stories of many characters from distinct diverse background, cultures and different generation. . It is a tale of desire, jealously, passion, and endurance . . It is indisputably captivating, filled with suspense and unpredictable twists and turns."

Link to the customer review.

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