Monday, March 2, 2009

Updated Archive Link to My Blog

Here is the updated archive link to the Alice Poon Blog at Asia Sentinel:-

These are the blog posts written since the last update:-

- Trust No One But Yourself (Capitalism)
- An Amazingly Odd Language (Part 2) (Culture)
- An Amazingly Odd Language! (Culture)
- The UBS Irony (World Current Events)
- A Lone Wolf of A Child (China Current Events)
- Americans' View of China After 2008 (China Current Events)
- A High School Student's Nightmare (China Current Events)
- Why Aren't Regulators Co-opting Whistleblowers? (Hong Kong Current Events)
- The Chinese Internet - Sea Changes in 2008 (China Current Events)
- A Chinese Novelist's Perspective on China's Young (China Current Events)