Wednesday, August 8, 2007

China's Land Reform Quandary

Today there is a story posted on ESWN named “The next land revolution?” by Li Datong. Interestingly I’ve just come across an in-depth article on this rural land issue in the July issue of Land Lines by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, called “Housing Rural Migrants in China’s Urbanizing Villages”, which is worth reading. Here is the link:-

The conclusion of the article is as follows:-

“Overall, China’s urbanizing villages are a realistic and effective solution for providing affordable housing to rural migrants in the short run. However, the current village redevelopment program will be a planning action undertaken at the expense of rural migrants, and the economy in general, unless alternative housing options can also be created for them.”

Bottomline is: affordable shelter is paramount for China's underprivileged class, just as social stability is paramount for her economic progress.

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