Monday, November 3, 2014


This video clip gives an explicit explanation why there has been a communication gap between Hong Kong's older generations and the so-called "Umbrella Generation". It also explains why the jaded Hong Kong and Beijing officials' out-of-date paternal, overbearing attitude is totally irrelevant and ineffective and serves no purpose. The young generations (post-80s, post-90s and post-00s) are well versed in liberal studies and civic education, and are much more well-informed than the older generations because of the internet and social media. They are self-confident, open-minded, see themselves as equals with superiors, dare to defy authorities, have a good sense of civic duties and rights and are capable of critical thinking. It's unfortunate that they are often misunderstood and frowned upon by the conservative older generations. (The clip is in Cantonese.)

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