Sunday, November 30, 2014

Police Violence Will Not Solve Political Problems

Things had started to take a turn for the worse when Hong Kong Police tried to forcibly clear the Mongkok protest site using excessive violence last week under the guise of helping bailiffs to carry out an injunction order. Clashes had turned into a "gauwu" (a Putonghua term which means shopping) movement (in response to C.Y. Leung's advice for people to go shopping in Mongkok after the roads are cleared), with protesters marching from Mongkok to Tsimshatsui (a high-end shopping district) and police chasing after them throughout the night. Many protesters had been hurt and dozens arrested (including student leader Joshua Wong).

Angered students decided to call for support at the Admiralty protest site on Sunday (November 30) evening. Riot Police rushed to the site in hordes and charged violently into the gathered crowds. As usual, Police were fully armed with pepper spray, metal batons, riot shields and even water canons. Contrary to what Security Chief Lai Tung-kwok said on TV (that protesters were charging Police), students and protesters were unarmed and always on the defense. It was not the first time that Lai has tried to smear the students and protesters.

Why can't the authorities understand that it is coward and irresponsible to use police violence against people whose only aim is to assert their fundamental right to representative government? Repression is never going to solve political problems.

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