Thursday, April 3, 2008

Updated Archive Link to Alice Poon's Blog

This is an updated link to the archive of the Alice Poon blog at Asia Sentinel:-

Here is a list of my recent posts that you will find in the above link:-

- Kudos to Dr. Seuss (Culture)
- Man Must Make His Choice (China Current Events)
- Mother-Tongue Teaching A Flop (Hong Kong Culture)
- A Matter of Privacy (Civic Rights)
- Free Market and Fairness (Social Justice)
- A Debt of Gratitude (Hong Kong's Past)
- Chinese Corporate Culture (Culture)
- Hong Kong's Polarizing Fortunes (Hong Kong Land Policy)
- Bird's Nest and the Laborer (China Current Events)
- A Battle of Style and Gender (World Current Events)
- Lessons from Two Celebrity Tales (Hong Kong Current Events)
- The Orchid and Confucius (Culture)
- Uncultivated Reading Culture (Hong Kong Culture)

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